Hca 270

Mgt230 - There are many services offered by the many banks around the world. However, some banks offer services that may be better for its customers. Cash management services are the departments of banks dedicated to treasury management, covering trading through bonds, and money that can include all currencies and risk management.
Mgt 230 - One bank that offers many cash management services is Wells Fargo Bank. Wells Fargo offers accounts payable and accounts payable services options. This option is able to streamline the processes, which makes it much faster and more efficient for everyone. Plus, customers are able to manage their expenses better. These expenses are managed through services like “E-box” payment. This payment method is available for anyone, like a business or company, to send one payment file of electronic payments to many different payment processors and/or billers (Wells Fargo, 2011).
Hca270 - The process solutions Wells Fargo offers helps to reduce staff hours by automatically matching purchase orders and invoices with the vendors they are from. This reduces hours because the employees will not have to take the time to match these files, making the process much more streamlined with the software that does this for them.
Hca 270 - Another important part of Wells Fargo’s cash management services is risk management. Every company must pay close attention to possible fraud, and with Wells Fargo, businesses are safer when it comes to their bank accounts. Wells Fargo is able to and will identify possible fraudulent transactions prior to them posting to the account, which makes it a much better and efficient way for the bank and its customers to fight fraud (Wells Fargo, 2011).

Hca 270


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